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All Tattooderma products have been created to obtain the best results both during the tattoo creation process and during the post healing process and post tattoo care and post tattoo removal. Not tested on animals </ strong>.

Recommended by professional tattoo artists

Our cream is used by tattoo artists and centres specialising in laser removal treatments for tattooed skin


Tattooderma cream


Tattooderma cream has been exclusively developed to care for your skin, whether you have just had a tattoo or recently undergone laser removal treatment. With antiseptic and natural antibiotic properties, Tattooderma is unique on the market. Its main ingredient, echinacea, helps reduce swelling and prevents infection. Tattoderma also has a powerful healing effect to help tattooed skin recover more quickly and prolong the quality of your tattoo for years to come.

  • Natural formula
    Our cream is the only of its kind on the market that uses natural antiseptic and antibiotic ingredients, such as echinacea.
  • Antiseptic and antibiotic properties
    Preventing your skin from becoming infected is key for the healing and after-care process.
  • Healing and anti-inflammatory
    Reduces swelling and has powerful healing properties which help scar tissue recover more quickly.
  • Moisturising and emollient action
    Proper hydration of the skin is essential to ensure correct healing and regeneration of the affected area after having a tattoo or after having a tattoo removed with laser treatment.

Tattoo Butter

Tattooderma tattoo butter has been specially developed for the tattoo creation process. Applying it on the area to be tattooed, you will avoid redness, inflammation and bleeding, thanks to its formula composed of antiseptic and natural antibiotic. Apply on the skin that is going to be tattooed, a small amount of butter, it will spread well on the area and to tattoo.

Cleansing Foam

The Tattooderma cleansing foam has been specially developed for the tattoo cleaning process, both during the tattoo and once finished. Its formula, composed of an antiseptic and natural antibiotic, does not produce redness, does not swell and cut the bleeding. Apply a small amount of the foam gel on the area to be cleaned and with a napkin, remove by gently pressing down the remains of the foam gel, with this process the tattooed area will be clean.

Sunscreen for tattoos

Tattooderma Sun is a solar cream elaborated one hundred percent for the care of the tattoo under the sun.

  • Exclusive formulation
    Our cream has been made one hundred percent for the protection of tattooed skin.
  • 50+ protection factor
    The best protection for tattooed skin.


Tattooderma Sun, so that your tattoo looks like the first day over the years


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